Hajo, Heyhat Abbas

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Tel. 0152 21977265

E-Mail: heyhat.hajo@gmail.com


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Heyhat Hajo is a self-trained artist who has lived in Germany for the last few years. As an expat, she has participated in various exhibitions around the country.

Heyhat was born and raised in Kurdistan; she lived there until the age of eighteen. She then moved to Damascus, the oldest capital in the world, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. With one goal accomplished, she moved on to the next, traversing the globe and creating a new home in the United States where she added a teaching degree to her skills.

After many years of teaching Mathematics in Texas, Arizona and Germany — plus other stops around the world — Heyhat decided that it was time once again to follow a new path in her life. She packed her hopes and dreams and joined with the United States Military and the Collation Forces. She ventured into the deserts of Syria and Iraq to defend her beliefs and take a stance for justice. Currently, she has returned to Germany to pursue painting full-time.
Heyhat’s art explores the intersection of expressionism and impressionism. She portrays her feelings and opinions without repression as demonstrated in many of her paintings.

Her feelings and thoughts change what she sees and express what she desires. She does not merely depict life as it is. As a result, the desperate struggle between the beauty of nature and the grim pain of global injustice is often present in her work.

When Heyhat is not painting and teaching, she continues to travel around the world discovering and savoring the beauty of every landscape, every city, and every culture that she visits. She captures these images with photography then breathes new life into them with her paintbrush.

2013 ISF Charity Event, Frankfurt.
2019 Art and Culture Night, Wuppertal
2020 DAG, München
2011 ISF Fundraising Exhibition, Frankfurt
2020 Kurdish Cultural Center, Worms
2020 Wunderbar Weite-Welt, Eppstein
2021 AIWC Gala, Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt
2021 Juneteenth Celebration on-line
2022 Justizzentrum in Wiesbaden
2022 (FAWCO) Flemings Hotel, Frankfurt
2022 Kulturkreis Eppstein , Burgersaal in Eppstein
2022 Innovationszentrum in Hofheim
2022 ISF Kenya Charity Event and Christmas Market, Frankfurt.
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